Eat Clean in 2015

Eat better. Sounds easy enough. Common sense. Less sugar, soda, processed food. More vegetables, fruits, water. But why do we not achieve success?

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Time- Eating healthy does require you to Be Prepared. For success you need to meal plan, shop, portion and prep food. *You must have healthy food choices on hand at all times.

Convenience-We all live busy lives. Many turn to convenience foods. But these “food like products” are often filled with SUGAR, sodium, empty calories and artificial colors/flavors and preservatives.

Expense- Do you want to pay the farmer now or the doctor later?

Here’s my 5 simple rules to Eat Better in 2015
1. Ditch the soda, pop whatever you call it. Including Diet. There is no nutritional benefit and does more harm.
2. Drink half you weight in ounces of water daily. Drink a glass of water before each meal.
3. Sunday- plan your meals for the week, grocery shop and food prep
4. Portion control. Read labels. Use measured containers until you learn what a proper portion is.
5. Track your food. Makes you accountable to your food choices. Most have a smartphone and you could do a picture food log. Then report your food log to an accountability partner.

Need accountability? Fill out this form so I can help you Eat Clean in 2015!!!

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