Peanuts or Pretzels?


What better way to end a long, cold winter than Spring Break!  Spring Break conjures up images of vacation to the sunshine, beach and ocean.  Flying south to warmer destinations. Yet those days of getting free snacks on airplanes are over.

Airplane travel days can be long. You can’t always find healthy options in airports. My recommendation BE PREPARED and bring your own.

Here’s my airplane travel tips:

1. Beverages- Bring you own empty reusable bottle. I prefer Nalgene on the Fly because leak proof and wide opening for ice.

Once you are through security you can fill. BTW have you used the new refill stations? So cool!  Refill-Station

I also bring green tea bags. Just ask flight attendant for hot water.

2. Snacks- Think whole, real food.

raw nuts(walnuts, almonds, pecans, cashews, peanuts, pistachios)

raw seeds( pumpkin, sesame)

whole fruit(apple, orange, clementine)

raw veggies(baby carrots, celery, zucchini, cucumber, grape tomatoes)

protein( packets of nut butter, guacamole, hummus)

3. Meals-

plain oatmeal packet- Add some nuts and dried fruit. Ask flight attendant for hot water to steam.

bars- I eat only when traveling. I prefer Epic, KIND or Lara. Others like QuestBar.

Shakeology packets- Healthiest meal you will have in airport. If I purchase almond milk & banana some coffee shops will blend. If not can make in shaker cup.

airplane travel food


Where are you off to on Spring Break? What’s in your carry- on?

2 thoughts on “Peanuts or Pretzels?

  1. Thanks for the tips Diane! We are driving for Spring Break to Hilton Head but will be flying to CA this summer! And I haven’t flown in a long time so I didn’t know what to expect with security and what to bring on the plane! These are great ideas 🙂


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