Shakeology Protein Squares

ON the GO!  Does that explain your life?

As busy moms we are often eating outside of the home. I use to eat a “protein” bar daily as a convenient snack until I realized many are just “glorified candy bars”. They contained a lot of added sugar, chemicals, ingredients, calories and not much protein.

Now I eat bars sparingly, mostly when traveling. I am picky with the texture of my bars. Many like Quest bars but for me they are too much like taffy. I like KIND and Lara Bars because of the few whole ingredients. I’ve even made my own LaraBar(recipe in future post).

Recently while doing the new 21 day Fix Extreme I found this bar recipe in its Eating Plan guide. Only 4 ingredients!

Shakeology Protein Squares

Shakeology Protein Squares

2 scoops old-fashioned rolled oats

4 scoops (or packets) strawberry or chocolate Shakeology

1/2 cup all natural smooth almond butter

3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk

1. Place oats & Shakeology in food processor. Blend for 1 minute.

2. Add almond butter & almond milk. Blend until it forms a wet dough.

3. Place in 8X8 square baking pan. Press evenly to cover bottom.

4. Refrigerate until firm. Cut into 9 squares.


Fix container equivalents 1/2 red 1/2 yellow 1/2 blue

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