Decisions or lack of making them?


My name is Diane. I struggle with making decisions.

I don’t know if it is the Libra in me weighing the pros/ cons of each choice. But I’ve been indecisive for years.

Moving 4 times in 5 years I have a lot of stuff. Especially things that may not have found their proper place. That proper place may be donated or the trash yet they still clutter my home.

I love to ‘pay it forward’ and often think I know someone could use this. So I hold onto it. But then it just sits and sits. Am I clinging to my things?

I need to declutter! While listening to a video from Chalene Johnson’s 30 daypush (I highly recommend) she mentioned Lorie Marrero for help with decluttering.

I bought her book The Clutter Diet. One line said that procrastination of making a decision was the cause of clutter. How true!!

So I am on a mission to be more decisive in 2015 and beyond. Please keep me accountable by checking in on my progress losing the clutter.



Anyone else struggle with deciding what to do with STUFF?

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