Your Future Can Change in an Instant

10 years ago…I was a stay-at-home mom of 2 preschoolers, a group fitness participant and night owl.
I was living in a new town away from family and friends.
An out-of-town friend invited me to a LIVE Beachbody event.
I said yes as a chance to catch up, have lunch and get a free workout.
Little did I know that invitation would drastically change the direction of my life! 

As I sat in that ballroom listening to the mission of Beachbody- helping people to achieve their goals and enjoy healthy fulfilling lives- something stirred inside me. I felt a fire in my belly. An opportunity to help myself and others move towards a healthier lifestyle. A chance to help End the Trend of obesity and lifestyle related diseases.

I decided to go all-in right from the start.
I ordered a month supply of a superfood shake.
I ordered a 60 day at- home fitness program.
And I took the BIG leap and enrolled as a coach 😬

I didn’t have all the answers, but I began doing 3 things daily.
I drank a shake.
I pushed play on my workout.
I shared with others what I was doing.

Those 3 things I incorporated into my daily routine changed my life.
I got in the best shape of my life!
I morphed from a night owl into a early bird.
I stopped bouncing from eating trend to trend and found a sustainable eating plan (that I’ve been following the past 7 years).
I found a purpose and an identity outside of SAHM.
I found a community of positive people that lift me up and challenge me to be my best.
Bonus- I earned some extra money doing what I loved 😉

Who knew one yes would lead to such a fulfilling, healthy life!
If that yes could do all that for me, imagine what it can do for YOU!!!