Rad Raspberry Beet Smoothie Bowl

Don’t like beets? Give this a try 😉

The Office… any other fans?? Abby introduced us to the show and we binge watched before the series got taken off Netflix.

Here’s homage to Schrute Farms! Red smoothie bowl with BEETS.
Beets are packed with essential vitamins, minerals & plant compounds, some of which have medicinal properties.
Plus they help increase exercise performance!

Rad Raspberry Beet Smoothie Bowl

1 heaping cup frozen raspberries
1 medium beet, cooked & peeled (I buy already cooked from Trader Joe’s or Kroger)
1 cup plain, whole milk yogurt
1 Tbsp virgin coconut oil or almond butter
3 dates, pitted
1/2 c rolled oats X 2
Optional toppings-berries, coconut, seeds, nuts

Blend all but oatmeal & toppings. Put oats in 2 bowls, cover with mixture & let sit to soften oats. Add toppings.
*recipe courtesy of book Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow.

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