Lace up or Pace up?

“It’s not who you are but who you become”

I was NOT a runner, but I became one. 
Running Changes Everything! 

My TOP 10 reasons to try running-
10. Helps maintain a healthy weight
9. Helps build strong bones 
8. Strengthens muscles 
7. Improves cardiovascular fitness 
6. Helps you get out of comfort zone
5. Helps you set SMART goals – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-sensitive 
4. Helps you become disciplined by following a training plan
3. Makes you realize how much potential you have 
2. May become a morning person- get run in early before work/ beat the heat 
1. The AMAZING community of people that support & cheer you on!!! 

Are you ready to lace up or
Improve your pace???

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