My Why

Mom & Dad0001
In an instant—everything changed.

I felt like an orphan. 😢
Dad died at 74 from a stroke.
Mom died 2 years prior at 72 from kidney cancer.
My life as I knew it was never going to be the same.
BOTH parents gone before I turned 41.

I am a wife and stay-at-home mom to 2 daughters.
Thankfully, my daughters have some memories with their maternal grandparents.

Going to ‘the farm’ – hayride in the tractor, feeding the horses and peacock, Thanksgiving with > 25 relatives!
Going to ‘the river’- tubing,  jumping off the rocks, celebrations (4th of July, birthdays)
Going to ‘the races’- cheering on my parents’ horses

But all that GONE!

Growing up we were a 2 income household.
Nutrition and Fitness were never talked about.
What was modeled for me- smoking, watching tv, sedentary lifestyle, SAD (Standard American Diet).

Those lifestyle choices caused my parents’ sicknesses (breast cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, bladder cancer, Diabetes) which lead to their premature deaths.

Their passing is what fuels my mission- to end the trend of lifestyle diseases and bring HEALth into the home, for all generations. Being proactive instead of reactive. 👊🏻

I want to make a generational impact- improve the PRESENT so hope for the FUTURE!

I hope you realize the effect you can have on those you love ❤️…
By improving your own health impacts your children’s health and next generations😉

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