Who are you? Our relationships often define who we are. If you are married, then you are a wife. If you have kids, then you are a MOM.

As a mom we wear many different hats: chef, chauffeur, nurse, teacher, cleaning lady, psychiatrist, maid, social planner.

Do you ever feel like you’ve lost your own identity? I have!

BK (before kids) I trained Seeing Eye dogs for Blind individuals. That was my JOB.

After the birth of my oldest daughter, Abby, I entered a new lifelong career as a mom. I love being a mom. My family is my #1 priority.


I had close ties in New York- born, raised, college all in 1 state. After the birth of my 2nd daughter, Paige, we moved to Indiana. Miles and hours from family, friends and co-workers.

We ended up moving 3 times in 4 years for Brian’s job. Talk about loss of identity- no one knew who I was. I had to keep putting myself out there to build more new relationships.

I did meet some lifelong friends while I was a mom of an infant & toddler in Indianapolis. Our identity can change depending on where we are in life. As moms we go through ‘seasons’. Moms of infants, moms of toddlers, moms of preschoolers, then mom of school aged kids.

That is where I am now. My girls no longer need my full attention. Do I stay at home, work part time, work full time???

I’ve finally been able to make ‘me’ more of a priority. By doing so I found my passion: Wellness & helping others. I channeled my passion and created a new identity.

Who am I? I am a life changer! I help moms get motivated and reach their potential- the best version of YOU.

In this blog we will share our successes/ struggles along the journey of becoming that version. We will support and provide knowledge from our experiences in areas of parenting, organization/ systems, nutrition, exercise, and work.

AND share the fun, happy memories we create from the moments together with our families.

alone lost

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